Lenstar Myopia

When you can see more, they can, too.

Expand your myopia management capabilities with Lenstar Myopia.

Build trust and enhance how you discuss the importance of myopia management by utilizing the visuals-based and customized Myopia Report—provide parents with education on myopia, their child’s risk factors, a progression analysis, and treatment plan options. Monitor treatment, track, and slow progression formidably to avoid even more serious conditions, like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal tears, and myopic maculopathy.

Charts and documents

Educating parents is important. Now, it’s easier and better than ever.

Lenstar Myopia is your trusted partner to help you inform parents and caregivers about treating their child’s myopia, giving them the complete picture of the journey, and how it progresses. Help them see what you see for their child.

ongoing myopia progression

Compact & comprehensive
software platform

to patient risk factors and biometrics

Easily educate
with The Myopia Report with state-of-the art visuals and graphs

to latest axial length growth curves from myopia experts

How has Lenstar Myopia changed the way eyecare providers manage myopia?

Utilizing the Lenstar for myopia management has allowed us to customize our treatment for the individual patient. By utilizing the patient’s data, risk factors, progression trends, and latest research, we are not only able to select the most appropriate treatment for the patient but are able to engage the entire family into the management process.

Jennifer S. Harthan OD, FAAO, FSLS

Optometrist with patient and parent

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