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The Hill-RBF Method 3.0
now available exclusively on all Lenstar devices

IOL data from all over the world collected by leading cataract surgeons is the foundation for the Hill-RBF. This big data is analyzed by pattern recognition based on artificial intelligence leading to highly accurate IOL predictions and providing confidence thanks to a unique reliability check. Hill-RBF is the only IOL power calculation method providing you with an out-of-bound message, a confidence marker, when it comes to an IOL power collection of an extreme case, i.e., extremely long or short eye.

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Barret & Olson Formulas

Measured lens thickness and two of the latest generation multivariable IOL formulas allow for premium IOL power prediction with the Lenstar 900.


T-Cone Toric Platform

The optional T-cone complements Lenstar 900’s measurement pallet with true Placido topography of the central cornea and a powerful surgical planner using the Barrett Toric Calculator.


EyeSuite IOL Toric Planner

The optional IOL Toric planner allows optimisation of the incision location and planning of the surgery on real eye images to reach advanced refractive results.


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The LENSTAR is a remarkably easy to use all-in-one IOL power calculation tool that delivers exceptionally accurate axial length, anterior chamber depth and lens thickness by optical biometry. At the same time, its dual zone autokeratometry feature is precise and uniformly consistent. The LENSTAR is an excellent choice for surgeons migrating towards torics and other premium IOLs where highly accurate outcomes are critical for success.”

Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS
Mesa, Arizona

Dr. Edward Meier, MD

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