Long-lasting just got longer-lasting.

Made in the U.S., Reliance products are known for their unsurpassed style, durability and longevity. With expert Haag-Streit On-Site maintenance, your Reliance chairs and stands will continue to look as good and function as well as the day you bought them – for decades to come.

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What can you expect from Haag-Streit On-Site for Reliance?

For chairs and floor stands, our On-Site service engineers will go through a detailed checklist of maintenance tasks to keep your equipment worry-free, including:

  • Inspection of all functions and parts
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Replacement of parts as necessary

Special repairs

Many repairs can be completed on-site, but there may be special issues that require additional work or tools that our service engineers do not carry. In those instances, affected parts will be sent to a Haag-Streit office for repairs.
*In some cases, we may outsource repairs to third-party certified service vendors for quicker response times.

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