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Reliance Optometry Workplace

The Reliance Optometry Workplace provides excellent value, maintaining a low total cost of ownership due to the proven longevity of each high-quality component and the outstanding service and support you can depend on from Reliance and Haag-Streit.

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Our Products

Reliance is more than just our name. It’s at the very core of how our products have been built from the beginning, from whitewash sprayers in the 1890’s to hydraulic barber chairs in the 1920’s to our current line of exam and procedure chairs, instrument delivery systems, ENT treatment cabinets and more.

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Reliance Product History

  • Brothers Fred and Frank Koenigkramer of Cincinnati, sons of German immigrants, develop a white-wash sprayer for farmers that doesn't clog.

  • The innovative white-wash sprayer is wildly successful and the Koenigkramer brothers establish an official business partnership.

  • The partnership continues with even more successful products like hydraulic lifts for barber chairs.

  • The Koenigkramers begin manufacturing barber and beauty chairs –incorporating their hydraulic lifts – under the brand name "Reliance".

  • Product lines expand to include a chair for osteopathy, a chair for podiatry, a stool, stand and an adjustable chair for ophthalmology.

  • Following WWII, Fred and Frank sell their company to Frank T. Hamilton, a Cincinnati businessman who incorporates the business as F. & F. Koenigkramer Company.

  • Reliance changes its name to Reliance Medical Equipment, focusing on producing high-quality exam and procedure chairs, surgical stools, instrument delivery systems, treatment cabinets and a room lighting system for ophthalmic and ENT medical practices.

  • Haag-Streit International acquires Reliance Medical Products.

Our Partners

Led by our belief that collaboration and inspiration drive excellence, our relationships with medical professionals, industry key opinion leaders, and our network of dealers have been crucial to our success.

“When I opened the Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic in 1993, I wanted to establish an “Academic Private Practice.” That meant I had to furnish my clinic with sophisticated equipment; equipment that was not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. I made the right choice with chairs and cabinets from Reliance Medical Products. Not only am I still using Reliance chairs, I am still using the SAME Reliance chairs I purchased back in 1993. They’ve definitely been a sound investment for me.”

John McElveen, Jr., MD
Owner, Carolina Ear and Hearing Clinic, Raleigh, NC

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