We make sure that “new Haag-Streit” feeling never goes away.

Expert maintenance keeps your Haag-Streit performing like a Haag-Streit.

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We make sure that “new Haag-Streit” feeling never goes away.

A Haag-Streit slit lamp is made up of 40 main components, all working in lockstep to provide the exceptional performance you expect. Our slit lamps are known for lasting the entire life of a practice, but just as with a luxury vehicle, even Haag-Streit slit lamp parts can wear down without the recommended maintenance.

Service also includes

Applanation tonometer calibration

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Optional LED Upgrade for slit lamps 5 years old or older

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What is your slit lamp telling you?

When you neglect regular tune-ups, you may start to notice your instrument no longer operates as smoothly as the day you bought it. Common problems that indicate your slit lamp needs our attention include:

Chin Rest

Chin rest drags or drifts down

Microscope Rotation

Microscope rotation arm becomes harder to move

Grip Joystick

Grip on joystick is wearing down

Special Repairs

Many repairs can be completed on-site, but there may be special issues that require additional work or tools that our service engineers do not travel with. In those instances, your unit will be sent to a Haag-Streit office for repairs.

For your tonometer, we even offer a loaner program to help you avoid downtime.

Avoid downtime with our
Tonometer Loaner Program

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