Brilliant optics.
Brilliant service.

The smartest way to protect the brilliant optics, ergonomics, engineering, and imaging of your Haag-Streit surgical microscope is to schedule regular maintenance and service from a Haag-Streit On-Site service engineer.

Schedule Service

What can you expect from the Haag-Streit On-Site for surgical microscopes?


Complete and thorough inspection of optical head and bulb performance, and functionality tests, including:

  • Microscope focus and zoom
  • Optical head balance
  • Binoculars
  • Beam splitter
  • Optical accessories
  • Hand and foot controls

Floor Stand

Complete and thorough inspection of floor stand, including:

  • Power cords
  • Caster and brake functionality
  • Floor stand rotation
  • Floor stand balance
  • Transport lock
  • Verification that light source and camera are secure in floor stand.
  • Download of error logs


Complete and thorough inspection of microscope arm, including:

  • Internal cables and cable bundling
  • Cover condition
  • Verification of smooth operation
  • Arm extension and retraction

Your Haag-Streit On-Site agreement includes:

  • Loaner items as available
  • Additional on-site service (outside annual inspection) covered under level 2 agreement
  • No charge for repair labor (as determined by Tech Service)
  • Toll-free number for direct access to expert customer support

Special repairs

Many repairs can be completed on-site, but there may be special issues that require additional work or tools that our service engineers do not carry. In those instances, your unit will be sent to a Haag-Streit office for repairs.

*In some cases, we may outsource repairs to third-party certified service vendors for quicker response times.

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