Swiss precision is built into our service, too.

Keep your slit lamp in top condition with certified Haag-Streit On-Site service engineers.

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Swiss Trained

No one knows your slit lamp better than Haag-Streit On-Site service engineers.

Unlike unaffiliated service techs, our certified team undergoes rigorous training and testing in both Switzerland and the United States.

Haag-Streit On-Site service engineers are uniquely qualified to protect your investment, ensuring your Haag-Streit slit lamp maintains its legendary performance, calibration, and alignment for decades.

What can you expect during each visit?

The ultimate service for the ultimate slit lamps.

Slit lamp

Slit lamp maintenance & repairs

Your service engineer will disassemble your slit lamp to its 40 main components to clean and recalibrate the instrument. Any worn, broken, or malfunctioning parts will be restored or replaced.

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Applanation tonometer calibration

Your tonometer is the only part of your slit lamp that makes contact with the patient’s eye, so frequent calibration checks and precision maintenance are crucial.

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Optional LED illumination upgrade

There are a number of reasons to upgrade to new LEDs, including sharper illumination and finer details – leading to more accurate diagnoses.

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Refer a friend to Haag-Streit On-Site and both of you will receive a discount on your next scheduled service or LED upgrade. The more people you refer, the more you save.

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