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The microscope designed for spine


The Hi-R 700:
The backbone of outpatient spine surgery.

While many surgical microscopes are generally designed for a number of different surgeries, they aren’t crafted to address your specific needs in the outpatient setting. The Hi-R 700 is.

For over 150 years, Haag-Streit has set the standard for precision mechanics and innovation, with deep experience in light transmission and depth of field technology. And we know outpatient spine surgery has to be viewed differently.

We cover all your pain points.

Breakthrough Optics

In spine surgery, every detail, every millimeter and every shadow counts. Haag-Streit has engineered the Hi-R 700 to provide optimal visualization and illumination.

Our 25mm stereo base is the widest available in the industry, resulting in ideal stereoscopic visualization and realistic, best-in-class 3D perception.

Effortless Movement

The special design of the axes results in more precise positioning and natural movement. With electromagnetic brakes and precision balance, little force is necessary to maneuver the microscope or keep it steady.

In addition, the two-knob balancing mechanism is software-assisted for quick settings, and facilitates one-hand use in all configurations.

Lower Investment

The Hi-R 700 offers unprecedented optical image quality with a lower investment – competing microscopes can cost up to twice as much. Plus, our modular design allows you to add accessories only when needed, for even greater cost-efficiency.

Better vision for higher precision.

Maximum Visualization

With smaller incisions, the role of your instruments has never been bigger. The Hi-R 700 is ideally designed for working in small, deep, and narrow channels.

Enhanced 3D depth perception, ergonomic positioning, and full light penetration result in astonishing image quality and precision needed for every situation, and particularly minimally invasive procedures.

Long working distance

Your comfort is crucial during spine surgery, and the Hi-R 700 gives you the space you need for more efficient, effective, and ergonomic workflow.

With a working distance range of 224mm-510mm, the Hi-R 700 provides you with ample room and flexibility to easily maneuver and control long surgical instruments used in minimally invasive surgery, while allowing you to adopt a straighter, more comfortable posture.

Spine Minimally Invasive

300 W xenon illumination provides high color fidelity and full light penetration, plus precisely balanced shadowing for optimal contrast and decreased glare.

Spine Stand Callouts

The Hi-R 700 + the FS 3-43:
packed but compact.

  • Industry-leading optical image quality
  • Small footprint – ideal for any operating room
  • Effortless movability and positioning
  • Individual configuration for your needs
  • Motorized balancing of the floor stand
  • Vibration damping for extreme stability

Surgical set-up becomes easy and intuitive.

Turn on the Hi-R 700.
Boots up in 12-15 seconds
Simply select the surgeon’s name in the system.

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