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The most human-centric, ergonomically sound examination system ever.

What happens when you put the focus on people, not products? True transformation. The more we talked to doctors about the doctor-patient exam experience, the smarter we, and the exam lane, became. We put our full focus on four key areas – doctor, patient, technology, and design – and in the process, created the exam lane of the future.

XOMA Smart Lane

Doctor Focus

Your career shouldn’t end your career.

More than half of all ophthalmologists and optometrists have experienced symptoms of a musculoskeletal disorder. Up to 85% have reported neck/spine pain. And 15% have had to curtail their practice because of the pain.

With effortless adjustment, pre-sets, and carefully considered feature proximity, XOMA Smart Lane can help prevent the poor spine alignment that contributes to musculoskeletal disorders. Research also indicates changing demographics: there are more female (and therefore smaller) doctors in practice, so reach and strain have become an issue. With XOMA Smart Lane, instruments and controls are within easy reach for all doctors.

Computer integration also eliminates harmful twisting, allowing the doctor to continually face the patient, with no need to turn back and forth from a separate desk.

These ergonomic benefits translate into efficiency gains – automated functions smooth workflow and make things easier to control.

Patient Focus

We’ve made exams easier on patients, too.

The XOMA Smart Lane chair has been designed for patient accessibility, comfort and peace of mind.

Its easy accessibility is especially beneficial for patients with mobility/falling concerns.

  • Footrest on floor reduces tripping
  • Low, ADA-compliant seat
  • Angled to allow heels to sit back for easy standing
  • Armrests swing out for entry assistance
  • Wider seat accommodates larger patients

Exams can be stressful for patients. XOMA Smart Lane uses bright, natural materials and unintimidating forms, and even includes calming, ambient light. What’s more, patients sit at eye level with the doctor, reinforcing the personal care that doctors strive to provide.

Technology Focus

Make every exam, and every day, smoother.

With the XOMA Smart Lane, we’ve cut the cord, integrating technology throughout with no visible wiring. The look is not only cleaner, your workflow will feel effortless.

It starts with a fully integrated PC, featuring an articulating monitor arm and ergonomic keyboard arm. External wired or wireless network connections allow for EHR access.

Stand and chair height controls are motorized, while rotational sensors allow time-saving presets. Wireless hand and foot controls with docking/charging stations are conveniently located.

Plus, LED ambient light and direct lights are both functional and soothing.

Design Focus

Aesthetic Design

XOMA Smart Lane makes exam rooms as design-forward as the front of any contemporary practice. Its clean, simple design features smooth surfaces and contoured touchpoints. The slim stand, with a smaller footprint than traditional lanes, allows the unit to fit snug against the wall, so it fits in even small exam rooms. The instruments are designed for easy deployment and return to an orderly home position.

Modular, Flexible Design

We’ve designed XOMA Smart Lane to be modular, allowing practices to scale to their needs. The slit lamp table and phoropter arms will support both Haag-Streit and 3rd-party instruments.

The current chair features the same mechanics as the RELIANCE FX 920, while future options may provide expanded chair capabilities.

See what went into reshaping the doctor-patient experience.


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