Introducing the CO:RE Surgical Chair

The first chair ergonomically optimized for the ophthalmic surgeon.

We’re as invested in your well-being as you are.

Chronic musculoskeletal disorders among ophthalmologists are on the rise, often cutting careers short. Equipment that ignores proper ergonomic positioning of the surgeon is a major factor.

But we’ve got your back.

CO:RE is the first surgical chair to consider every aspect of the ophthalmologist’s experience in the surgical suite.

  • Accommodates surgeons of all physiques with height and seat adjustability for perfect hip and leg alignment.
  • Promotes better posture and comfort with both vertical and horizontal lumbar support.
  • Ergonomically placed pedal controls allow you to effortlessly raise or lower the seat and lock into place.
  • Full range of motion – armless seat back provides support without impeding arms and elbows.
  • Base and column designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Perfect positioning. For everyone, every time.

Adjustable Seat Height

Adjustable Back Depth

Adjustable Back Height

To accommodate differences in physician physiques, the seat height, seat back height, and seat back depth of the CO:RE Surgical Chair are all easily adjustable. Settings are clearly marked so that all parameters can be documented on the physician preference card and adjusted before every procedure.

Height Range Proper ergonomic positioning starts with alignment of the hips and legs. The CO:RE Surgical Chair is designed with the widest height adjustment range available – so every ophthalmic surgeon can sit comfortably and ergonomically, no matter their stature or body type.

Backrest Depth The seat itself can be adjusted both forwards and backwards. This allows the spine to be positioned further forward and still be supported, and backward to allow leaning into the backrest.

Backrest Height The seat back raises and lowers to adjust to and align perfectly with the curvature of the physician’s back.

The CO:RE Surgical Chair adapts to you, accommodating surgeons of all statures and physiques.

See why your latissimus dorsi will thank you.

“Having a chair that supports the best ergonomics of the back, I can’t even guess how many years it might add to a surgeon’s career.”
– Michael E. Snyder, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute

“Haag-Streit got it right.”
– Warren E. Hill, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Mesa, Arizona

“This is really comfortable, surprisingly comfortable, something I didn’t know I was missing.”
– Yuri F. McKee, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Mesa, Arizona

Designed by surgeons for surgeons.

To understand the unique issues ophthalmic surgeons face, we collaborated on the CO:RE Surgical Chair design with Michael E. Snyder, MD and Anup K. Khatana, MD, of the Cincinnati Eye Institute.

As an ophthalmologist, there’s nothing more important than ergonomics, especially if you develop neck and spine disease. I’ve been proactive on this approach for more than twenty years. By improving ergonomics in your practice, you do a better job and your patients benefit from better care.”

Michael E. Snyder, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute

Ophthalmologists are caregivers. We feel like we’re here to take care of our patients and make them comfortable, and we’ll just deal with our own discomfort in order to do so. In light of our understanding of the importance of good ergonomics, it is more crucial than ever for physicians to take care of ourselves, too.”

Anup K. Khatana, MD; Director, Glaucoma Service, Cincinnati Eye Institute.

PROLONGING YOUR CAREER: Why Ergonomic Design Matters for Eye Care Providers

Ergonomic design and eye care don’t always go together – eye care practitioners, especially ophthalmologists, are often extremely susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries and pain due to poor postures and outdated equipment.

In this Haag-Streit white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Where eye care practitioners are most likely to experience injuries and chronic pain
  • Which equipment is most likely to cause these issues
  • What kind of ergonomic adjustments can be made to help prevent these disorders

Ergonomically designed equipment like the Haag-Streit CO:RE Surgical Chair maximizes comfort and assists you in operating for extended periods without soreness and long-term injury to your back, neck or shoulders.

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