Set yourself up for more efficient eye injections.

I-OPS™ Instrument Delivery System. Perform injections much more efficiently and ergonomically.

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Dr. Riemann

With Reliance’s In-Office Procedure System™ I come into the exam room and everything is set to go. I double-check what I’m doing, who I’m doing it on and then I can immediately reach over and begin performing the injection procedure – and I can do it one-handed. I-OPS™ takes what used to be a three-handed procedure and turns it into a single-person, single-handed procedure.”

Dr. Christopher Riemann,
Cincinnati Eye Institute

The I-OPS difference: A streamlined injection process

Save your back. Save time. Saving time means seeing more patients.
By reducing inefficiencies in several procedures every day, I-OPS can elevate your practice overall.

I-OPS™ durable, modular tray system has space for up to nine interchangeable inserts so you can easily configure the system to your needs.

iop grapic with callouts
Deluxe Arm
Basic Arm

Choose from two arm styles.

Deluxe Arm
The Deluxe Arm works exclusively on Reliance stand poles and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to present the I-OPS™ tray in almost any position. The complete system comes with tissue box holder, sharps holder and container, and tray assembly.

Basic Arm
The Basic Arm accommodates a variety of stand pole sizes and manufacturers and provides horizontal adjustment to bring the tray to the patient.


The I-OPS™ System includes Six Accessory Inserts that can be purchased separately or in a 9-piece kit.

  • Dual Syringe Holder Insert
  • Twist-top bottle holder
  • Locking dropper-bottle holder
  • Shallow Cup
  • Gel-pack holder
  • Deep Cup
Tissue and Sharps

Every I-OPS™ includes:

  • Tissue box holder
  • Sharps holder and container
  • Tray assembly. This 9″ x 12¾” holds nine Reliance Medical components in any configuration. It also includes two 2″ (51mm) x 8 5″ (216mm) wells on each side of the tray for other instruments or items.

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